Monday, December 31, 2012


Hello world! Time is flying by so quickly, and soon enough Mommy and I will return to California. I'll miss this big house! Its so fun exploring each room. I'll miss the fun walks around the neighborhood too!

Look at those trees! The speckles look like leaves but they're birds! We even got to see cranes in the small lakes around my grand-human's house.

 This pictures is of my mommy's pet-sister Penny. Sometimes they let her jump on the chair and finish their food. I want to try, but my mommy always tells me "no". Sometimes she can be really unfair!

But she did let me eat one of these yummy cupcakes. The humans took us to "Playful Pups" and bought us a huge container of doggy deserts! They keep hiding the box of goodies but one day I'll find them.


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