Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy Sunday!

Today, the family and I went on a long drive to Solomons Island. My grand-mama works there sometimes. It was "burrrr" cold and windy out today. I almost blew away! I really enjoyed riding in the big truck. Its much more roomy than my mommy's car.

To get to Solomons Island we had to cross a really scary bridge and my mommy has a terrible fear of deep water, so she wasn't too happy. Look how cool it looks! But she really didn't like the fact that there were no barriers on the sides of the bridge.

When we got there we took a stroll around and found a beach! It was too cold to go swimming but it was still nice to sniff around. 

On our way home we stopped by Bruster's. Its a drive through ice-cream shop! I've never seen one of those in California. My mommy wouldn't let me have any ice cream but she did let me eat some of the waffle cone. It was yummy!

 All of these adventures makes me a tired puppy but its hard to not get tired when you're only 5 months old. Goodnight world! See you soon :)


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